Metal Time Card Rack, Endure Model 168H, 12 pocket Large Wall Desk, MSDS Center. WW301
List Price $54.00
Our Price $29.99
Savings: $24.01
List Price $224.00
Our Price $163.99
Savings: $60.01
12-pocket-card rack Large Wall Desk, MSDS Center

Fits 5-1/2" H Time Cards and Special Form

  • Pocket: Width: 4-1/4"
    Pocket Depth: 4-1/4"
  • 1" Card Exposure
  • Suggested Card Height 5-1/2"
  • Overall 16-1/2 H x 5" W x 1-3/4" D

I Know I'm Well Liked, Do You Think It's Personality, Or My Looks?

Our Endure Card Racks can be used for more than just holding time cards. The pocket width & pocket depth are crucial in determining which rack will fit your need, so pay close attention to those details. Some time card holders are used for daily time & job tickets, kanban cards, brochures, leaflets, etc. Constructed of cold-rolled steel and covers in a durable baked-on finish for years to come. Available in 13 colors to match your decor, serve as IN and OUT Racks, group employees by name, work group, or task.

Our card racks are a great idea for your "Work In Progress" Kanban system. These card racks can be used with your already made rectangle kanban cards since they come in a variety of sizes. Order multiple racks and mount side by side to reach your desired capacity for your kanban board. Order different colors such as red, yellow, green, to meet your company's individual kanban needs.
  • Secures and protects confidential materials
  • Conserves valuable floor space
  • Perfect for medical, industrial, and commercial applications.
  • Organizes reference materials and supplies
  • 22-1/2"H x 26-1/2"W x 6"D
Does NOT include stickers. For example only.
Oak Glove Holder, Triple Box, ET-GBW11-3, OVAL Letter Size Rack, Eagle Model 174-4SL, 4 Pocket
List Price $79.00
Our Price $33.99
Savings: $45.01
List Price $95.00
Our Price $55.99
Savings: $39.01
Oak Glove Holder, Triple Box-OVAL Letter Size Rack Model 174-4Sl, 4 Pocket
  • Pre-drilled with mounting hardware included
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Racks come with small, medium, large, and x-large stick-on labels.
  • Available in light oak, medium oak or mahogany
  • 11"H x 17-5/8"W x 4-1/2" D

Wall Mounted Rack Fits Letter Portrait Size Forms (8-1/2" W x 11" H)

  • Pocket: Width: 9-3/4"
    Pocket Depth: 9"
  • 1-3/4" Exposure, 5/16" Pocket Thickness
  • Suggested Form Height 11"
  • Overall 16-1/2" H x 10-1/2" W x 2" D
Organize your office files near you for quick and easy access. Easy wall mounting with two pear-shaped holes at top and bottom. Floating pocket design allows for thicker folders to be stored in the bottom and middle pockets This does however take away from the pockets storage capacity and exposure above the thicker forms, but gives the rack added storage versatility. Don't miss out on the extra "Bonus" pocket at the top of the rack, as it has the highest storage capacity of any other pockets. The durable baked-on powder-coat finish is available in 13 colors Color: Gray, Black, White, Ivory, Almond, Sepia, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Fluorescent Yellow. Match your office decor or choose an attention getting color.

5 Pocket Oak PRIVACY Chart Holder, Model ET-PCH36-5 Swipe Card Holder Rack, Liberty Model 190-45-WM, 45 pocket
List Price $130.00
Our Price $59.99
Savings: $70.01
List Price $120.00
Our Price $69.99
Savings: $50.01
5 Pocket Oak PRIVACY Chart Holder Swipe Card Holder Rack, 45 pocket

Our Most Popular Privacy Oak Chart Holder!

  • Pocket Width: 12-1/2"
    Pocket Height: 9"
    Pocket Depth:1-1/4"
  • Overall 36" H x 14"W x 3-3/4" D
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Available in light oak, medium oak and dark red mahogany
Keep Lots OF File Away From Prying Eyes

Oak privacy chart racks follow HIPAA regulations to keep your patients files handy while keeping their names and records private. These chart holders are constructed with solid oak sides. Front dividers offer a recess to make retrieving charts easier. Chart holder pockets are 12 1/2" wide. The three pocket chart holders have pockets that are 1 1/4" deep. Front dividers cover 9" of the file. All racks are pre-drilled and include hardware for easy wall mounting.

45 Pockets, Fits Landscape Style ID Card & Name Badges

  • Pocket: Width: 3-3/4"
    Pocket Depth: 1-1/2"
  • 3/4" Card Exposure, 3/16" Pocket Thickness
  • Suggested Card Height 2-1/8"
  • Overall 13-1/4" H x 13-1/2" W x 3/4" D

Triple-Wide, Triple-Fun, Triple-Easy

Our Liberty series ID badge racks fit landscape style cards up to 3-3/4" wide. The variety of applications are numerous ranging from simply holding employee ID cards nearby the time clock, security badges, storage of name badges for church members, or to hold credit cards in bar or restaurant for your tab. The Liberty series is our most economical on a price-per-slot basis. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, then coated in a durable baked-on finish. Available in 13 colors to match your decor, group employees, or just brighten up your world.