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150,160,190 & Custom Series

STAINLESS STEEL badge racks feature all stainless steel construction, in sizes to fit standard credit card size cards as well as other size employee badges. Other Wall Mount ID Badge Racks offer a durable powder coat finish available in 13 attractive colors. Chose from Gray, Black, White, Ivory, Almond, Sepia, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, Green, or Blue. Badge racks for vertical or horizontal printed ID cards as well as special locking Badge Rack SECURITY OPTIONS and DESK MOUNT Badge Rack models are offered.

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Custom Rack Quote
Free Custom Rack Quote
Usually Quoted Within 1 to 2 Business Days

Custom manufacturing is quicker than you might think!

A quote generally takes just one business day or less if pocket thickness is under 0.75". Fabrication takes 14 to 35 days or less depending on dimensions, and quantity ordered. Prices run 10% to 200% higher than standard racks of a comparable size, depending on quantity ordered. So, compromising on a "standard rack" may be the more economical answer for your application if you need only a couple of racks. For items other than card or literature racks please call us at 1-800-858-7462

Besides wall racks, other steel items can also be custom fabricated.
  • Specialists in Cold Rolled Steel ranging from .015" (28 Gauge) to .060" (16 Gauge).
  • Ability to shear up to 10' sheets, bend up to 10' (although most items are less than 5')
  • Can punch, spot weld, MIG weld, powder-coat, package, and ship.